Monday, January 30, 2012

Shootout Win In Yorkton - Klips End Nasty 12 Game Losing Skid

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- That nasty losing skid is finally over for the Kindersley Klippers, more on Sundays victory shortly, but 1st we shall recap Friday and Saturday contests.

- Friday night in Yorkton the Klippers were dropped by a score of 6-1 by the Terriers. Kindersley stuck with Yorkton through 20 and after the opening frame the score was 0-0. After 20 though the game changed. Yorkton would take their game to a higher level, and Kindersley was unable to match it. That and the fact that Warren Shymko was very good on the night for Yorkton, turning aside 33 of 34 shots faced.

- Saturday night out in Melville, not so good for the Kindersley Klippers. A number of players were benched, and the team had no answer for the Melville trio of McNulty, Trudeau and Mireau. The 3 players combined for 12 points in the contest.

- Sundays broadcast was my final radio broadcast with the Kindersley Klippers. Before 5 minutes was even through in the contest, Kindersley was down 3-0. I was about ready to leave the broadcast for a moment, head down on to the bench and tell the team to wake up myself haha. I really wanted the Klippers to win the game for their own sake and also to make for an exciting final broadcast. Little did I know, it would be the perfect finish for both the team and myself.

- Colby Daniels who was one of the players who was benched for Kindersley on Saturday night came out and played with a big chip on his shoulder. Justin Lund said it best during the 1st period intermission, Daniels was upset that he was benched, and wanted to go out and prove himself. He learned from the situation, came out in the 1st period and scored a goal and an assist. He really held the Klippers in the 1st frame, grabbing the bull by the horn, and scoring a late 1st period marker to give the Klippers some much needed life heading into the room.

- I felt that the turning point in the game for the Klippers was when Brennan Bosovich dropped the mitts early in the 2nd period. Bosovich is not known for fighting, but he wanted to set the tempo early in the 2nd and he did just that. The Klippers were fired up on the bench, and they ended up scoring 2 goals to tie the game.

- Brad Buckingham scored the 3rd Klippers goal. It was a 2 on 1, he had the option to pass, but was confident in his shot. He placed a nice little snapper short side to put the Klippers within one.

- Beau Stewart would score the Klippers 4th goal, and boy was it a thing of beauty. It was 4 on 4 action, and the draw was in the Klippers end. Davies worked it over to Stewart on the wing, and he walked into the Yorkton zone. A few feet above the left side circle, Stewart launched a absolute rocket, that was labeled for the top corner. The net minder Thomson didn't even move, it was a riffle to tie up the game.

- The 3rd period and regulation would solved nothing and we were headed to a shootout. Vlanich tried the one handed Forsberg move, but was stuffed by McDonald. Bosovich was 1st for Kindersley and he ripped one top corner to give Kindersley the advantage. Sookro was also stopped by McDonald, which paved the way for Daniels to win the game. Daniels tried to shoot but was stopped by Thomson, which meant that Giebel would have to score to keep the shootout going. Giebel made a nice move, pulled it from back hand to forehand, but McDonald would rob him with the glove to officially end the Klippers 12 game losing streak!!! McDonald was really good for Kindersley in the 3rd period aswell, which gave them a chance in the shootout.

- Another impressive thing about the Klippers win was that they had no powerplays the entire game!

- I was really pumped for the boys. They have been working hard, and haven't got a single bounce during their slump. They played a very solid team game, with each player feeding off of one another. They didn't give up after going down by 3 early, and deserved the victory!

- I think the win will be a big confidence boost for this team moving forward. They are playing for pride the rest of the way through, and I think a few more wins are in store for the Klippers before the season is over.

- Sunday was indeed my final radio broadcast for the Klippers. I will be broadcasting the game on the web cast Thursday, but the web cast doesn't have the same meaning as the radio for broadcasting. It was really nice to see the boys play the way they did, and it almost made me tear up during the broadcast. I will have more on my departure before the week is through, with a final goodbye blogpost. For now enjoy the call of the Klippers overtim win by clicking below.

Shootout W In Yorkton - Klips End Losing Skid


  1. Ullsy,
    We wish you all the best in the next phase of your career in Edmonton. We were so happy for the boys yesterday but also thrilled that you ended things on such a positive note for yourself. Couldn't have happened to a better guy.

    Thanks for all you did for the Klippers and the town. You will be missed!

  2. Good job Boss on the Gordie Howe hat trick keep up the good work